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10na10 trainings

10na10 is an intense, advanced, 10-hour dance training session in a small group of ten people founded in 2020.


The classes are based on jazz dance technique, with basic elements of contemporary and ballet techniques. During the training, the emphasis is placed on proper dance technique, rhythm, dynamics, as well as the quality of jumps and turns.


In addition to that, 10na10 offers a solid dose of jazz dance in its purest form, as well as contemporary variations, where it is intertwined with elements of pop and commercial dance.


Thanks to its limited number of participants, 10na10 focuses mainly on individual training, where each person works on their own body, and instructions are given to each individual separately. Spending 10 hours together in the studio provides comfort and time for individual conversations with each participant, something that is often lacking in standard workshops or group/formational training.


During 10na10, no one goes unnoticed, and everyone takes away individual advice from the training that will help them become aware dancers and achieve their set goals.


It should be noted that the limit of 10 people in the studio makes the training sessions safe during pandemic times.


The 10na10 sessions are conducted by the project's founder, Adrianna Patłaszyńska.

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