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Until 2013, she was a dancer at the International Dance Organization, where she won 10 individual World Champion titles in Jazz and Modern styles.


In 2014, she was awarded the prestigious Outstanding Achievement Award by IDO and was included in the Hall of Fame list of the International Dance Organization.


From the age of 12, she started taking intensive and systematic individual lessons, mainly under the guidance of Piotr Galinski, who has been her mentor to this day. Julie Pecquet and other top Polish teachers, including Robert Śliżewski, Paweł Michno, Maria Zajdler, and Iwona Orzełowska, also made a significant contribution to her development.


Since 2013, Adrianna has been primarily training in Chicago and New York, as well as conducting her own workshops and creating choreographies. First in Poland, and then in many countries in Europe (Germany, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Belarus, Russia), South Africa, and Hong Kong. During the same period, she worked as a dancer on Polish and international projects, such as in Germany and Italy.


In 2018, she embarked on an international tour of the original version of the musical "Matilda," which won 10 Tony Awards and was produced by the Royal Shakespeare Company.


In 2020, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the musical tour was suspended, and she temporarily returned to Poland. Initially unfortunate events and restrictions soon transformed into a project that Adrianna had been thinking about for some time.


Knowing the importance of individual lessons and how much they influenced her development and dance career, she decided to make use of the restrictions and create the 10na10 project, where she could observe and get to know each of the 10 dancers, learn how their bodies work, and share as much of her knowledge and experience as possible, all within 10 hours.






The creator and main teacher of the 10na10 training sessions.

A dancer and choreographer proficient in Jazz Dance and Contemporary styles.

The emphasis on quality, proper dance technique, combining

and respecting tradition with innovation has made her popular among dancers from all over Poland for years.

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